Make sure you and your family are not stranded
with a cold, dead battery this winter!

It's dark. Your car won't start. Your kids are scared. Where are you going to get help? How long will it take for a tow truck to reach you? What do you do in the meantime? Will your family be safe?

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With Porta-Jump™, you can forget all that worry. The Porta-Jump™ portable emergency jump starter is small enough to fit in your
 car glove box or center console. But Porta-Jump is so powerful that it can charge any 12-Volt battery in a matter of minutes so you can quickly and safely jump start your dead battery in the event of an emergency. You can use your Porta- Jump over and over. It's always ready to help!

  • The Porta-Jump emergency jump starter charges your battery right through your car’s cigarette lighter socket, so you never have to leave your vehicle. That means extra safety and security - especially at night if you or a loved one is on a dark road.
  • No cables required! Forget about trying to figure which end of the cable to connect to which battery terminal. You don't need another car in order to jump start yours.
  • Most other "battery boosters" are disposable and you have to throw them away after just one use. But you can use the Porta-Jump™ over and over again. It comes with a charge unit so it actually recharges itself! So it's ready whenever you need to jump start your car in a an emergency because of a dead battery.
  • The Porta-Jump portable emergency jump starter is fully charged and ready to go right out of the box! It's ready when you need it!
  • You need a Porta-Jump emergency jump starter in every car - it's an easy way to make sure everyone in your family is safe and protected from dead batteries.

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It really DOES WORK! "It WORKED on my Saab 9-5, so no problem regarding power requirement.
I, too, thought the Porta-Jump was no use when I first tried it and was about to return it to QVC. Then I managed to contact the suppliers in California and after a few emails, I understood better how the PJ worked. I had already bought a new battery as I realised mine was 5 years old and almost dead but I decided to put my old battery back in the car and give it another go. The Porta-Jump WORKED!!! It really does work but you have to follow the procedure exactly.... READ MORE

"Bought this in the recent bad weather when my Renault Clio wouldn't start. Read reviews after I purchased and was concerned but I read the manual and tried Test 1 & 2 first but battery wouldn't accept charge thro' ciggy lighter so went to Fail Safe mode - connect direct to battery terminals, waited 15mins and started the car first turn of the key. Saved me the cost of a new battery. Ran the car for a 30minute run to recharge the Porta-Jump and its now in the boot for any bad weather or battery fail...I'm a happy bunny !"

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Determine Battery Charging Method for your vehicle and conduct test per instructions.
  2. If test is successful, connect adaptor cord to Port-Jump™ battery box and begin your battery boost.
  3. Wait until you hear the (audible) beep and then start your car.

™Porta-Jump is a trademark of SWE, Inc., Tustin