Make sure you and your family are not stranded with a cold, dead battery this winter!

It's dark. Your car won't start. Your kids are scared. Where are you going to get help? How long will it take for a tow truck to reach you? What do you do in the meantime? Will your family be safe?

With Porta-Jump, you can forget all that worry. The Porta-Jump portable emergency jump starter is small enough to fit in your car glove box or center console. But Porta-Jump is so powerful that it can charge any 12-volt battery in a matter of minutes so you can quickly and safely jump start your dead battery in the event of an emergency. You can use Porta-Jump over and over. It's always ready to help.

  • The Porta-Jump charges your battery right through your car's lighter socket, so you never have to leave your vehicle. That means extra safety and security - especially at night if you or a loved one are on a dark road.
  • No cables required. Forget about trying to figure which end of the cable to connect to which battery terminal. You don't need another car in order to jump start yours.
  • Most other battery boosters are disposable and you have to throw them away after just one use. But, you can use the Porta-Jump over and over again. It comes with an adaptor so it actually recharges itself, so it's ready whenever you need to jump start your car in an emergency because of a dead battery.
  • The Porta-Jump comes fully charged and ready to go right out of the box. It's ready for when you need it.
  • You need a Porta-Jump in every car - it's an easy way to make sure everyone in your family is safe and protected.
  • Porta Jump will maintain its charge for up to 5 years after date of manufacture.
  • Please store properly as directed. To discard, battery has 20 AA Alkaline batteries inside. Can be discarded anywhere you discard batteries.

We also have a Universal Porta-Jump. It comes with mini-cables so that you can directly attach the Porta-jump to your car battery or to your ATV battery or to your boat battery or to your motorcycle battery.

For more info, check out shopwithease.com/porta-jump or contact us at 800-336-1968 or info@porta-jump.com.


If the battery is totally dead, nothing will recharge it...

Question - I have a 2003 honda civic, and the car battery went dead on me. I didn't have a jumper cable with me, but I had a car battery charger. So, I hooked it up to the battery and tried starting the car. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to give it a jump. Without recharging the battery completely, I was soon able to get a hold of some jumper cables and tried giving it a jump start. But now, even with the jump start, The car won't turn over... The electricity certainly comes on but when I turn the key, the dashboard lights (spedometer, etc.) flicker on and off rapidly and the engine makes a flickering noise, but nothing nearly close to the normal sound when I start the car. I'm still in the process of charging the battery, and I can't test it out yet. But did I just fry my electrical system? Is there any way to know for sure without taking it in to the shop?

Answer - No, I don't think you fried anything. All that's happening is that the electrical system can't supply enough current to power the starter motor, so the voltage drops when it tries to. The "clicking" sound is the starter solenoid. When the voltage drops from trying to operate the motor, the solenoid (big relay) no longer has sufficient power to keep it actuated, so it clicks back to the off position. Then, the voltage returns to normal (because it's no longer under load) and the cycle repeats. If you ever played with beginner electronic kits, you probably made buzzer/clicker circuits with the relay; it's the same principle. If things don't work after charging the battery for an hour or so, your battery is probably dead and needs to be replaced. If the charger you're using is a high-amp one that's supposed to be capable of starting, and you were using it on the high-amp setting, then you almost surely have a bad battery. In that case, it might be possible to start the car with the battery terminal removed (using just the charger) then reconnect the battery just to get to the shop and replace it, but if you have any other means of transportation, I'd avoid driving a car that you can't reliably restart if it stalls. I've charged my car enough to start it by hooking up my laptop's 12V brick to it for less than an hour, and that's not even the proper charging voltage of 13.5-14V you should be using, and it was pretty dead beforehand too. If a couple hours with a proper car battery charger (even a low-amp one) isn't enough to start your car, the battery is probably bad enough it needs to be replaced.