Porta-Jump Customer Reviews

Remember the PJ is not a substitute for a battery charger. If used correctly, it will put enough power back into a dead battery to start the car once. That should be enough to get you going but you will need to put the battery on charge later or get it replaced if, like mine, it’s just too old. Here are a few things I learnt between my first failure and then my success:

1. The PJ transfers its 30 volts across to the car battery. After 15 minutes I found it was still giving out 28 volts. After 20 minutes it was down to 25 volts. My car started at this point so I didn’t go any further. I was regularly checking the heat generated in the PJ as it would be dangerous if it became too hot. You should always stay with the PJ whilst it is working. At the end of one transfer your Porta Jump will have little or no power left in it as it should have all been transferred to the battery. Before you can use it again, the PJ must be recharged as per instructions.

2. You must leave the PJ connected to your battery when restarting your engine. If you are using the jumper cables in Failsafe Mode, as I was, it is necessary to leave everything attached to your vehicle's battery and return to the driver’s seat, insert the key and start your vehicle. Remember you must turn off the radio and A/C before starting the engine. Once the vehicle is running, return to the battery and disconnect the Mini Jumper Cables. I was at first sceptical but I assure you it does work. You have to follow every instruction to the letter." BACK